2012 – The Year I Explored

I’m rapidly coming to the conclusion that 2012 is gonna be all about the learning for me. This will not be The Year I Made My Fortune or The Year I Travelled Far…. nope… this is shaping up nicely to be The Year I Explored.

So there’s the MSc at Ashridge – asking us to explore our practice & taking us to the very edge of what we know and trust – challenging us to write essays with academic grounding, asking us to think differently. Off the back of that, there’s starting to truly explore what fuchsia blue could be – what is going to make my little business powerful and heard and loved by others as much as I love it and (terrifyingly) can I explore asking for help to do this? I’m looking for Partners in Possibility and working with people who inspire me – exploring new ways of working.

Then there’s exploring what Action Research means in practice – about to start some work with Mayvin on Practicing 21st Century leadership http://www.mayvin.co.uk/articles.html. The programme starts in June & runs for 6 months – blogging will be part of it, seemingly. Thank you to the very lovely Sarah Fraser @Resonate_Sarah for Skype Cuppas & encouraging me to join up

I’m exploring whether my body can be more athletic and whether I can raise money for a cause I believe in; undertaking a mini triathlon to see if I can really, really do what Why Don’t You used to tell me in summers in the 80’s “Why don’t you just switch off your TV set
 and go out and do something less boring instead?” check out: http://www.justgiving.com/joolstri2012

Then there’s the stuff I can do from my phone & computer – exploring new media, Twitter, Blogging, pininterest, Linkedin…. that sort of stuff.

And today I explored Instagram – here is my first ever photo – of new beautiful cup given to me for completing my first MSc assignment, so I can drink tea in peace and harmony at FBHQ when I’m actually in

Most of this exploration feels a little self indulgent – me me me & all that…. but I believe this time won’t last forever… the time for me is now to explore and gather.. and my absolute intention is to share insights and info with clients & colleagues – I’ll never stop learning, but this year in particular the lessons are huge, personal, important. Fuchsia blue & I are on the cusp of something way cool, I hope.

And I’d like to know from others – what are you exploring at the moment and how is that for you?