fuchsia blue in action

“So… what do you do?”

Whatever form the intervention takes, fuchsiablue  creates solutions which encourage learning, discovery, development of thinking.

I’m always seeking debate, discussion and curiousity. I don’t know what else works.

Sometimes it is puzzling out a way through an emergent client situation

Sometimes it’s designing a year long Leadership Programme.

Sometimes it’s coaching on a 1-2-1 basis.

Sometimes it’s facilitating a tough conversation in a team.

Sometimes it’s running action learning sets.

Sometimes it’s encouraging serious play and creativity

Sometimes I’m  just blogging out my thoughts.

I work with a network of smart, professional, innovative people who constantly support and challenge my practice. They collaborate with me – Sometimes co-delivering or designing; Sometimes bringing their expertise for clients to benefit from; Sometimes challenging my thinking. So fuchsiablue is connected to a wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise both at an individual and organisational level.

Underneath all of this lies a genuine love of learning. I strive to be well-read, well connected and curious; it serves clients and colleagues well.

In my tool kit I have methods such as Hogan, World Cafe Conversations, Appreciative Inquiry methods, Gestalt Coaching methodologies, Embodied Leadership Exercises and Dialogue Practice.

For a conversation about what we do, contact us Info@fuchsiablue.com

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