Contact & find out more

Contact:  Julie Drybrough, Director

mobile: 07921 854167
Linkedin: Julie Drybrough
Twitter: @fuchsia_blue
fuchsia blue coaching approach –  slides about how I work

 Articles and Interviews:

Dialogue – Training Journal,  Co Authored with David Goddin
The Power of Conversation – DPG plc Blog
Collaborate Live – Interviewed with colleague Sarah Boyd –  Collaboration Live Series for Clear Thinking

Speaking Events:

Leadership is Dead – Long Live LeadershipOne City Glasgow event for City of Glasgow College,
L&D Connect – Social Media for Interactive Learning – Learning Live,


1 thought on “Contact & find out more”

  1. Personal Development Inquiry.
    Hello, my name is Ryan Cote and I recently created a personal development blog/podcast called Morning Upgrade ( It’s a real passion project for me! I don’t know what you think, but I was wondering if there was a way we could help each other?
    Some initial ideas:
    1.) I can write a guest post for your blog
    2.) I can interview you on my podcast
    3.) We can share each other’s content on social media
    4.) We can link to each other’s website
    No reply necessary if you aren’t interested…but I would love to hear back from you if you are!

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