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Just Do The Thing.


I got tagged in Sam Roger’s tweet (see pic above) by Marco Faccini the other day and it made me grin – because sometimes, despite my oodly-moodly tendencies to reflect and pause, for me, change work really is all about doing The Thing. Taking action or avidly holding to inaction – working with and against grains. Doing what it takes to get things moving, shifting, starting, stopping… doing The Thing. Not thinking about it. Not going on stage and talking about it. Not finding a perfect definition of it. Doing it.

There is a beguiling sense for me about the undefined notion of The Thing – it could be Any Thing… or NoThing (though, this isn’t really a thing, for me – unless, after asking: Why are you doing this? The answer seems a bit lame or overly-blah….Then The Thing might be: stop and do NoThing ..but arguably that option usually still means Listen or ReGroup or SomeThing….ok. I’ll stop now )

My interpretation of The Thing in fuchsiablue work is that it is important to understand established territory .. and then find new ways to see it, or travel through it or live in it…for me, it’s about being in service to clients and folk around me where I can be… taking and encouraging steps toward something differently useful. It’s about rolling up my sleeves, asking puzzling questions and designing stuff that’s acceptable enough to keep people alongside you, but counter-cultural enough to evoke a frisson. It’s less about permission, more about possibility. It’s about kind impact – what’s working already?… do more of that Thing then…and more again…

I know others whose The Thing is way bigger than this – provocative, challenging, bold colourful- and I like to peek over those fences, sometimes perturbed, sometimes breathless at the audacity, sometimes scathing of the certainty and showmanship… and I’m frequently impressed by the impact they have…and I never really learn what happens beyond that impact….and I’m curious about how the Big Thing leads to action and application.

I know others whose The Thing is quieter, less bold, less provocative, thoughtful, differently beautiful, more contained, not showy or world-wide, but nevertheless potent. It is often here I see the work happening – the action, the gatherings, the challenge to the norms, the collective practice, the agreement and disagreements, the subversion and the revision…..

So I’m curious….what’s your Thing?

If you were to Just Do The Thing… what would yours be? Your contribution? Your action? Your most useful part in making things change?

7 thoughts on “Just Do The Thing.”

  1. Great question, thanks!! Today, now, lately, my thing, my contribution, my action is my free art project. This is the 30th consecutive week in which I will paint and leave a piece of art in my neighbourhood. It is also the 40th piece (some weeks I make more than one). I am learning, about art, about people’s responses to art, people’s responses to someone choosing to do something like this every week. I am learning about letting go, about community, about all kinds of things. This is the thing I am currently doing. I look forward to seeing what others are doing too.

    1. Thanks for replying and kicking it off, Doug – I’ve loved watching your free art project – it looks and sounds like a good Thing for learning and for change

  2. “…acceptable enough to keep people alongside you, but counter-cultural enough to evoke a frisson.”

    Lovely phrase. And it’s impossible to know for sure whether we’re getting that balance right at any one time. You just have to use your judgement, do The Thing, and notice the reaction. More acceptability, or more frisson? What’s needed? Ramp it up or ramp it down? And different practitioners – and clients – will have different answers.

    1. I”m nodding, Stuart – and sometimes my ability to balance and make that judgement is out of kilter….I think part of my Thing is to keep trying new variations

  3. And that is the million dollar question indeed. Currently struggling massively with exactly what my thing is (or at least I think I am, maybe I’m actually just saying that because I’m too scared to do my thing! Damn you for mking me think about just what I need to think about 😀

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