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Working in Less Obvious Ways.


I’m over it.

To be honest, I’ve been over it for days – the news, the TV, watching the politics and the games and the claims and the counter claims. The inauthenticity of pre-prepped speechifying. Entire massive hulking gnarly issues conveniently disappeared. The egos. The stubbornness and blindness. The platitudes and clichés. The energy it takes to sense-make in the midst of all of this.

My deep need to hold to a change narrative that involves kindness, inclusiveness, tolerance, creativity and collaboration….My lived experience that true lasting change doesn’t happen without some of these things. How very sorely tested that belief feels right now – like I’m a dreamer, an altruist, a hypothetical tree hugging cloud-starer who doesn’t understand real power and politics.
Only I do…. I just don’t have the appetite to play that game. That mean, selfish, self-serving game.. which at the same time seems necessary…. And if I’m not in the game, how can I ever affect it?

It’s a puzzle.

What I’d say to my clients is: step back. Look after yourself for a while. Stop engaging with the poison around you, it will soak into your being. Go find some anti-venom. Find connection. Love. Kindness. Stuff that sustains you. Find purpose. Get folk round you who you trust and enjoy. Get stronger. Refocus. Return with renewed, different vigor. Work from there.
There is more power and courage in walking a different path, than re-treading the old ones. If you feel that stepping away is woose-ing-out, take’s only that way if you stay gone – the world needs you here. Stepping away might be just what you need… but come back. Gentler, stonger, heartfilled, joyeous, detoxed.

Physician, heal thyself.

So I’m taking my own advice for a bit. Turning off the telly. Listing to music which lifts or soothes. Seeking out those who nurture and refresh me. Walking the dog. Having silence around me. Cooking good food. Attempting to run a little faster. Putting time in on my travels to see the world through less-tainted eyes.

In a conversation recently, there was an element of: lucky you. That you can do that. In your job. You can just potter about & mull on stuff.
Nope. That’s not how this works. Running a business is rarely a part-time thing, if you want to make an actual living out of it. I’m carving that time. Intentionally. Trying to hold some regard for myself and others around me.
This is the work – my work – in all of the madness.
To look after myself and those around me.
My reach isn’t National.
I hold no power to put money in your pocket
This work could so easily be written off as unimportant….
But it’s not. It’s more vital now, to counter hate-filled, venomous, broken-ly furious narratives that take us down paths of division and separation.

I’m here and I’m part of this…. So I’m working to do the best I can… in less obvious ways, perhaps, but I believe they have power.

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4 thoughts on “Working in Less Obvious Ways.”

  1. This is a truth, Julie, maybe even one of those eternal verities, like 2+2=4. In work and beyond, the place you describe is the only solid ground to stand on.
    “He who would do good to another must do it in Minute Particulars: general Good is the plea of the scoundrel, hypocrite, and flatterer, for Art and Science cannot exist but in minutely organized Particulars.” William Blake
    Read more at:

  2. Hi Julie, I have to say your last two blogs have been really inspiring and is exactly the kind of messages we need at the moment. As a conscious choice I refrain from putting any of my political views on social media and that is not just to do with the recent referendum, I just choose not to so in a way I have gone ‘dark’ on the topic! Oh boy I’ve read lots though! Also meet me in a pub with a glass of wine in my hand and I have lots to say trust me! ;). So whatever side of the vote you were on, this is a big change, and it has still shocked/ surprised me some of the vitriol, anger and division the referendum has created which has led me to think… how have we got here?! Surely we are better than this?! We are where we are now we can’t change what is done, and what we all need to do as you say is heal, build bridges, feed our souls, surround ourselves with good people, get rid of negative baggage, listen and respect one another even if we disagree, and start to come together and practice what we preach! I.e. What is within our control? We can’t change what is done, so what can we change? What are the opportunities now? What are the positives within this situation? What are we grateful for? How can we make this work for all of us? Who can we reach out to? If you could change one thing about your mindset towards this uncertainty what would it be? We can get through this all of us and for me one of the most positive things to come out of this is to genuinely see how much this means to all of us and how much we care from all walks of life! How powerful if that? How invigorating is that for politics and our future? Lets get some vision and connectivity back again even if we are divided and not forget whats important to us as human beings and what we hold true in our hearts such as our values and beliefs. We are better than than all this division, and lets not be victim to a negative self fulfilling prophecy, lets buck up, crack on and come together! Thanks Julie for your wonderful blogs 🙂

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