Think For A Minute – Reflections on Learning & Leadership

Stop for a moment, good leaders of organisations and people.
Pause, Practitioners of Learning and Development.

Cease acting for a moment, or two, or longer and just….. Hold. Breathe. Be.
Relentless activity.

Constant striving.

Be Better.

More for Less.


Alright. Fine. There is that.

And there is more.

Much more.
Sit down.

Speak little.

Listen up.

What do you hear?

When was the last time you listened well?

Really listened?

To the voices around you?

To different stories out in the ether?

Beyond the chatter & the here-and-now & the busy & the egos & the show….

What lies beneath that is worth tuning into?
We need leaders.

We need folk who can get us from here to there, when there keeps shifting

Those who will speak and act

Those who are compassionate and straight talking

Those who are generous, yet purposeful and single minded

Those who are brave without recklessness.

We need structure

We need a little chaos.

We need contrary, complicated people.

Whole people, bringing all the best that they are into being; knowing the worst that they are is in tow & working with that.


Luminosity (where is that on a JD or comp framework? This job requires luminosity…)



Now… look at the learning content we share with our leaders.

Is it fit for purpose?

Is it being run with the end in mind, or are we relying on all that has been before?

Do we remind that a model is a model and ask for a little doubt and discernment?

Do we encourage acting with luminosity?

Experiment with Humour?

Does our learning content lead us to leaders?

I’m for learning experiments – for conversations and creativity

For drawing, and photography

For walking the talk – literally walking and talking – to see what that means

For encouraging people to stand up and articulate their best selves and what they lay claim to, as people, as leaders.

For illuminating.

For exploring new & good content.

I’m for decorating dull training rooms.

I’m for anyplace can be used to learn.

Stop for a moment, good leaders of organisations and people.
Pause, practitioners of Learning and Development.

What more can we be doing here?
Image by : Biljana Kroll

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