Keep the Learning Offering Simple

I’m at the Learning Technologies conference ( see #LTUK15 for more details)

As I sit on floor 1 of Olympia in London, Surrounded by an exhibition filled with vendors who have designed stuff to enable learning in organisations ( I think that’s what it is all for…. I mean, that’s the deal, right?) I have a strange sense of disconnect.


Will this do it?
Will these digital wonders, with capability beyond my brain power, help to make our Organisational experience a whole world better? Will they enable learning? Better leadership? Nicer humans?

I’m guessing yes and no. I heard some good stuff yesterday about how tech has enabled L&D folk to reach further out to their organisations, expand their span of contact and influence…. their intention to support better Sales teams /Share content and upskill workforces (in all sectors) rang through.

And somewhere in all of this, we still need to do the ground work. Introducing technology without putting in the hours to ensure we have the IT systems, the hardware, the need is, I would offer, at best foolhardy.

And I’m sure we kind of all know that… its just I don’t often hear it explicitly said in the profession. We get tangled up in all sorts of shiny at times, all sorts of complexity about competencies, technology and learning frameworks……It sometimes feels wasteful.

So in the midst of complexity, I’m kind of thinking it’s this, today:
We are here to help people learn – to offer the ways and the means to do it.
To give access where and how we can, in the best possible way we can.
The best organisational learning offers are clean and clear and simple – we seek to understand & through that become understood.
Understanding the organisational context we work in – who we are, what is important to us – matters. A Lot. If you want your learning offer to be successful.

People will sell thing to people.
We buy promises and dreams sometimes.
Let’s be wise to that.

Sometimes the learning needs to be fast and tech enabled.
Sometimes it need to be slow, hard won and personal.

Here endeth my mullings.

9 thoughts on “Keep the Learning Offering Simple”

    1. Laughing….
      I recon I could have nicked some sweets & run away with ease…
      Robots would be rubbish at hide & seek.

  1. Interesting thoughts as always. What about the demand for immediacy of response (smartphones etc). Surely sometimes it’s better to sit and think about things in a little more detail, rather than feeling pressurised to respond straight away. Does that pressure mean that we tend to respond in a more superficial way, or that a slower response is now taken as an indication of lack of intelligence, or interest? Just thought I’d share – as I know that you will have some thoughts on these areas? Thanks for your stimulating ideas Julie.

    1. It’s a great point.
      We can feel at the behest of tech, to the detriment of our own needs.
      You know i prefer to hang out with the deep, reflective stuff – it’s where I believe the best, most “sticky” learning happens.. and I”m a pragmatist about how orgs work.
      We need both – I genuinely believe that – now going to look at the link below from Patcon to see if it enlightens further.
      Thank you Duncan

  2. Thanks Julie 🙂

    Hey Duncan, not that it addresses your concern completely, but I think there’s some step in the right direction with the small kernel that is the Slow Web Movement:

    Also, is anyone else giggling about the fact that someone named their company “SMARTASSESSOR”? Sorry, I’m apparently four-and-a-half years old…!

  3. Hi Patrick – welcome to the Blog & thank you for the share ( and the giggle…. I SO approve!!!)
    Interesting about the Slow Web movement – though the forum for the manifesto was a bit…. webby.
    Hope you keep dropping in & adding stuff here.

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