Memo to L&D

Andrew Jacob’s Memo to L&D

Lost and Desperate

Image from pixabay Image from pixabay

To: L&D
From: A person you work with
Date: 2014 (although you treat us like 1998)

You want me to take responsibility for my learning; I already do. I regularly seek out information from people who can help me, at a time it suits me, with systems that suit me. Have a look at my desk – what do you think those post-it notes are? Welcome to personalised performance support. Why don’t you count things like that as learning outside your LMS?

Why do I have to complete your elearning module before I can access the test which (you know) I’ll pass with a score of 70%? Let me take the test first so I can understand where my gaps in knowledge are.

Give me a frame to work within. I need to know what boundaries exist; it’s not about knowing what your required elements are but the breadth, depth…

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