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The Need to Break Bread – Marketing by Relationships


Jeremiah Gardner has come from San Diego to take part in Happy Start up SummerCamp. He’s paid his own ticket and has been part of the panel who listened to and advised on the Saturday Morning StartUp Pitches. I’m about to go to his workshop on Minimal Value Proposition – how do you take a thing and market a thing without getting embroiled in too much “bullsh*t Branding*? On Sunday morning he will talk at the Sunday Assembly & hold the room as he takes the theme of Restoration & recounts tales of where he came from and the choices he has made.

Jeremiah advocates understanding the relationship you have with your customer – not your logo, not your product, but the folk who pay you and those who work for you. Build that relationship in the best possible way – offer your stories and the reason why you do the thing you do, with as much clarity and generosity as you can muster – the rest comes from there.

We fall into conversation when I have snuck out of the before-lunch session. Hungry and brain-filled, I need a few minutes to gather my thoughts. He is an easy presence – warm and humourous – which belies his preference to debunk and disrupt some of the marketing myths he sees…I’m grateful that he doesn’t seem to take exception to my slightly spaced-out state.

I’m saying that I run a consultancy in Edinburgh and I love the work I do… and that have grown increasingly sad and angry at the way we organise ourselves at work – what we do to ourselves and others. I’m saying I’d like to help alter that – offer an alternative and what I’m seeing and hearing shows me ways that can happen …. how I found inspiration and a sort-of community through social media and that it has required meeting people in real life too.

He nods and says “Sometimes? You just gotta go break bread with new people”



It stuck with me.

The need to break bread with new people – the need to go seek out different perspectives and thinking – to challenge yourself to not get too sucked into how it “should” be or how it “must be”. To take time to sit and have a coffee or a meal with someone or lots of people who may be outwith your “usual” circle.

It’s true. Sometimes? You just gotta break bread with new people.


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