After the Ecstasy… The Laundry


Greetings from a field in East Sussex. This morning I flew south, knowing that Scotland would remain within the UK, knowing that the people of Scotland had voted No.

I feel far from home.

After the frenzy and the emotion of the past weeks and months, after everything I have heard, the hours talking and thinking about it all……. What now? I’m guessing the Sunday Papers & blog columns are filling up with these words already… I’m on terrible signal and no wifi… So I’m digitally as well as physically disconnect…

It HAS to go somewhere. This energy. This fervour. This passion.
It could wreck or derail if it goes somewhere negative.
It could light up a future if the opposite.

How are you today?
Especially if you voted, but not exclusively….
Are you angry? hurt? Euphoric? Stoic?
Fine. Take that. Take it and do something positive with it.

You wanted Yes? Are you aflame with indignation about social justice? Inequality of power? A sleeping leadership? Fine. Light fires with it.
Don’t turn it in on yourself or blame the structures that bind – find ways round and push through and make stuff happen. Dream Big.

Don’t sit whinging in cafés or on buses. Don’t waste your energy on Twitter spitting poison into a virtual ether.
Get up and do something.
And if you don’t know what. Find what.
Because I met people who were better informed, better read and better able to make a political point toward a Yes than I have come across in years. So use that ability to reason and research and get going with something that ignites positively.
Find ways to create a more socially just community. Find ways round power and sleepy leaders.
Do it. Be angry. But be angry with purpose. It’s fine.

You wanted No? You got it. Now what? If you rest on your laurels and take for granted your win…. you have lost. Your choice is now everyone’s choice. So prove it was right. Make it so for the long term. Use your majority for the best possible means. The debate has been settled for the foreseeable future. What will you do with this time?

It strikes me that now is when the hard work starts. This is where we show who we are and what we do with the energy and passion and conviction. We’ve stirred it up and muddied everything … Time to start cleaning up and straightening.

I’m writing this from a field in East Sussex.
I love being in my country.
I have no context to what is happening at home, but this is what I want to say.
I am full of conflicting feelings and I’m not sure where to go with them… But I will find my way to contribute positively.

*the title of this blog is from Jack Kornfield’s book.

11 thoughts on “After the Ecstasy… The Laundry

      • Thoughts around conviction, being passive, being passionate – knowing which to give in to, or go with or endure. When is enough, enough.
        Feelings of anger …using it positively
        That it’s ok to be angry – possibly beneficial. That I choose how to react, and thus act.

        Reachingly beautiful writing, easily reflective of other situations.

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