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Whispers and Shouts


I wonder.

I wonder if I can be quietly powerful in this world.

I wonder if I have to shout.

I wonder…. Can I move situations on without fuss or ego?

Can I understand the system and whisper into it compellingly?

Can I invite you to listen to me?

Can I stir quietly?

Is it possible to elicit change without a maelstrom of noise and indignation and tub-thumping and right-ness?

Can I change a mind through a calm conversation?

If I work with quiet precision and care, can I craft something new and beautiful?

Can I laugh you into submission?



Or must I project myself?

Make my presence felt?

Command the room?

Make a noise?

Demand you hear my story?

Must I put myself in the story?

Yell for change?

Work with vigour and energy and determination  and heat?

Must I rage against the machine?

Shake the system?

Beat the drum?

Must I be hell for leather, all in , no stopping me now?


If I whisper, you must move closer to me..

If I shout, you will move further away…


In a room full of people, scrabbling to be heard, tell me….

Can a whisper be as powerful as a shout?

2 thoughts on “Whispers and Shouts”

  1. Great piece Jools. Makes me wonder how many ‘competency frameworks’ encourage the whisper over the shout. Also personally, a good reminder to temper my shoutiness as I can do that at times 😉

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