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Vive La Resolution


I don’t make New Years Resolutions any more

Maybe it’s an age thing – I feel I have had more than my fair share of New-Year new-Start-buy-the-fitness-video; sign up to, lock the wine up, research healthy eating, business-boosting, agree to be emailed “say yes-to-You” confidence boosting tips that are guaranteed to make my life better..

Been there. Done that.  Found no actual joy there.

On the one hand, I’m still just as podgy, as adoring of a good glass of Malbec, as likely to choose actual cheese over the low fat cottage stuff, as anxious about work, as good & bad at staying in touch with beloved friends and family, as hard wired to need to swim or run or be outdoors as I have been for most of my adult life….  I am resolutely as I am.

On the other hand, I have a sense of a change in myself, of pushing to have more options around me; in having some choice in how I respond to lifestuff and where I put my time and my oh so precious energy… I am resolutely flexible and curious.

Last year was a bruiser for me… and for many others I know… what the rather rough-ride that was 2013 offered me was certainly opportunities to test my own resilience. Turns out I’m ok in a crisis. Turns out I have some simply amazing people in my life. Turns out I’m not perfect. Turns out being strong and just gritting my teeth and bearing stuff is rarely the best solution. Turns out I need sleep, nutrition, a place to rest and to be seen and heard well by those around me, just like everyone else. Turns out I make bad decisions. Turns out I make really good ones too. Turns out I have very little control over life circumstance, but I can choose how to respond to what comes. Turns out humour is often effective.  Turns out having a good snotty cry can be too.

So after being buffeted and surprised by 2013, surely I ought to have some resolutions? Many Tweets, newspaper stories & TV adverts point me toward this as being a necessity. Surely now I ought to be putting some methods in place to ensure the errors of the last year do not follow me into the next? Set intentions of self improvement which will make me a better, more lean and likable human person, more successful and lucky and wise?

Well, perhaps…. but what it seems to come down to is this: I’m not actually that keen on myself when I’m resolute. That is when I am at my most inflexible. It suits me fine to be willful, determined, stubborn and resolved when I’m competing or exercising… the rest of the time? Not so much.

So perhaps there is another way?

I don’t actually believe that a date heralding the beginning of a new set of numbers will in any way shape or form alter my reality.

I believe my daily choices and responses to life will.

I wonder what you think?

with thanks to whoever came up with this image which I have “borrowed” from a google search.

7 thoughts on “Vive La Resolution”

  1. Spot on Jules. Spot on. I feel exactly the same way about resolutions – maybe indeed it is an age thing (although I’m sure it’s not possible for you to be my age for I am truly ancient!). Not in a completely negative way – more realistic – find that next year is going to be as shitty (read challenging) as the last one hence do not feel compelled to celebrate it! And whatever happens in the forthcoming year will be down to my “choices and responses”. Some might be wrong. But some will be right. As ever, great blogpost Julie!

    1. I hope your choices and responses give you what you need and want back.
      I also hope. sincerely, that 2014 will hold way way better things for you & yours.
      thank you for your kind words

  2. Here here…as I sit here with a glass of wine! Completely agree with the daily choices…little wins every day rather than huge changes that end up being difficult to stick to and give the sense that you’ve failed. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! Happy 3rd January..let’s see what tomorrow brings :0)

  3. That’s kind of what I’m going with – I have set some intentions – some stuff I want to do and get to, but not all in January and not doggedly… honest.
    Enjoy your days!

  4. I do see your point and like the way you make it. Me…I need a plan, a programme, a recipe. Im a follower you see, that is when I am at my best. Give me a project, a cause, a purpose that I believe in and I will be the most loyal of disciples. So at this time of year I like to take another look at my own ”purpose” -what I believe in for me – and set out my plan of how I can move towards this. It is a long life purpose and the yearly goals only a few steps along the way. Sounds like ”resolution” but I like you would rather set intentions, there appears to be less guilt attached to that and it makes it easier to choose in the moment. I also like reviewing it to see where Ive got too….not always forward but as long as there is some movement that is usually good enough. Whatever floats your boat I wish you all a magical New Year

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