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Dear Client….


I’ve been thinking about how I’d like to work with you, if you’re up for it.

I want to be an effective, flexible,  trusted resource who adds value to your business and makes you look good.

I want to help you really understand the internal environment you are working in – and offer fresh eyes, new thinking and innovations that will take hold and be purposeful.

I want you to allow me to push you a little or maybe even a lot. You will tell me you know what works; let me understand and question that. I will tell you I know what works ; go ahead and challenge and question my thinking.  Then, let’s co-create what else.

I want to use some diagnostic and analysis to help you see your organisation in different ways – and for these to form the basis of good decisions, aligned planning and informed activity.

If the pace of change is too slow in your organisation, I want to help light up fires and get the energy moving. If you are battering forth with change with such rapidity that you are losing focus, drive or damaging your people, I want to support space for reflection. If you’ve got the balance about right – I want to be able to say “you’re already doing it, I can’t see where I’d add value”.

I don’t want to collude with you as a client – it serves neither of us well.

I don’t want to have to pretend to have all the answers – I have previously stated that I do not carry the Holy Grail on my person; please can we operate on the basis that this will always be the case?

I’m equally not trying to gather paid-days and wasting your time. It’s not how I operate – but sometimes, I’ll need to spend time on the matters you raise. It gets uncomfortable if you view me simply as an expense. If you can’t see how or what I would add, then that is a valid question.  For both of us.

I’d like you to have access to my network – I’m surrounded by smart, innovative freelancers, consultants and creatives who know things and try things and make it their business to stay at the cutting edge of what’s new and what works. I’ll introduce you. They are fabulous.

I’d like to not-jump through too many hoops. A procurement process that asks for a vastly high turnover is prohibitive for my business– I’m wee and wily – that’s part of my business model, to be agile, alert, cost effective and able to work quickly.

And finally, I want to not have to work with you for a while because the work we did together means I have rendered myself jobless.. .. but I trust the work we did together was good enough that we will do something new in the future.

How enticing.

2 thoughts on “Dear Client….”

  1. I simply love this Julie. It’s VERY enticing!!

    I’d also add, if I may…I don’t want you to see me as a threat in any way. I’m not in competition with your internal resource. I’m a fresh pair of eyes, I see things from a detached and independent point of view and I can bring a different perspective that complements the expert perspective you already have….a bit like a Vulcan mind-meld!

  2. Hi Bev – no threat, but certainly we are there to challenge. Just that different viewpoint can feel threatening. Dear Client, can we get over that & get on with what needs doing? Thanks.

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