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I’m reviewing 18 months of journalling, reading and writing as part of processing my research and learning for my final MSc dissertation paper.

I found this and want to share it. There is an invitation here to connect today.

At some point? Sit with a cup of good coffee, or tea, or sip some water and Talk. To someone. Fully. Look ’em in the eye. Smile a bit. Ask questions. Be with them. Let them be with you.  Just for a wee while. See where it takes you … and enjoy.

” I notice a stark contrast between my experience of rapid, broadcasting, short, sharp Social Media interactions and the real-time, deeper connections that real-life working relationships and conversations require. I notice get something from both – the quick pace, virtual snapshots give me small hits of connection and a snippet of community… and then there is the joy of properly seeing, hearing and connecting to someone fully – mentally, emotionally, physically.

I notice a deeper satisfaction in my person-to-person contact – there is something far more soulfully nourishing, for me, in good, connected slow-time conversation.

I’m not going to hear a dirty laugh or be swept up in the colour of someones eyes through Twitter.

Sometimes? It’s just got to be human contact for me. ” – November 2012

7 thoughts on “Human Contact”

  1. Julie, what a lovely post! I feel the same way! I love the ability to see what friends (mostly acquaintances…) are doing. And twitter is my primary source for ideas from thinkers.

    Part of my personal growth plan is to spend more face-to-face time with my family and close friends.

    Hope you’re doing great, and great post!


      1. Getting ready for our August residency in two weeks. Then time to get all the details arranged for our trip across the pond in December! I can’t wait to see Belgium and the UK. It will be my first time, and my birthday is on December 7th, which is our day off!

        Be well, and enjoy your week!

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