Quiet Change

Snowdrops - Image thanks to J Bartlett

Every year, it’s the snowdrops that make me smile. I see them, valiantly popping out of frost-covered ground and I know that the long, dark winter nights will shift soon and there will be spring, warmth, regeneration….

Later, there will be daffodils and bluebells and summer blooms, all of which I adore and welcome…. But it is always those little white snowdrops – small, ground-hugging and quietly tenacious that lift me most.

What I like about snowdrops is their quietness. Where daffs & bluebells can be a bit “taaa daaah!!” snowdrops seem to .. just appear… and yet in their quiet way they herald something bigger – a larger change, a seasonal adjustment…

The notion of quiet change is very much on the cards here at FBHQ.

One quiet change is for me to get back to blogging. I hadn’t realised it’s been weeks since I last wrote. The other is long-promised guest blog series, which will be posted throughout March. The theme is primarily on “talking well” to support the ongoing Exploring Dialogue work fuchsiablue is committed to. Another quiet change is to blog about the recent Exploring Dialogue Sessions run in London and Edinburgh, I’m still processing some of the thoughts from the sessions, though…

There are other changes – FBHQ relocating, the beginning of the MSc dissertation process, new clients and the start of training for a cycle in June…. But these are a bit more daffodil/ bluebell and for now, this blog post is designed to be more snowdrop – a quiet popping up to say : change is afoot… look out world

2 thoughts on “Quiet Change

  1. Morning Julie! Like Alison, love the imagery in this post. Sometimes it is those quiet changes that matter. I feel like the past 18 months are just starting to come together to create a real clarity of what I am about, what I do and where my future can go. Like your snowdrops this has been a slow and reflective process with no big fanfares or explosions of colour. A steady growth that is cumlinating in me starting to show myself to the world (ohh er that could be dodgy) and a larger adjustment to follow. Thanks for a post that really resonated with me!

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