Day Six – Dialogue? What next?


I’m aware that 5 days of blogging about dialogue is in fact broadcast or monologue, rather than good, connected, brain, body, beautiful, challenging conversation.

I had a chance for a walk in snowy Greenwich Park yesterday with parter-in-crime David and our dialogue threw up many things for me. One of which is firmly that I want other voices on the FB blog around this dialogue stuff… The other is there needs to be some settling of thinking after 5 days worth of pushing content out.

So I’d like to hear from the blogging, learning, vibrant Social Media & beyond community. What have others made of the content over the past days? What has provoked thought? Interest?

There are already amazing insights and comments from Paul Cummings, Rhona Grahame, Peter Cook & Neil Gowans over the series… And I’d love to hear more. If what I’m after is to invite thought, voice and discussion… It needs to show up in more ways than simply blogging.

So there are a few thoughts I’m playing with. The first is rather pedestrian – I’m going to set up a LinkedIn discussion group, invite folk to join & play…1 topic per month for 12 months in 2013 & see what that does for my & others’ thinking.

The second is a series of small, cheap, taster events that start folk thinking about talking well & with connection & experience good Dialogue.

And the third, for now, is an appeal to read back over the 5 days & comment below.

I enjoyed pulling this series together enormously. Shout outs to David for that thing he does that makes me thoughtful & Jon Bartlett (@projectlibero on twitter) for helping with editing and finesse.

5 days of Dialogue content. What do you make of it all?

5 thoughts on “Day Six – Dialogue? What next?

  1. What an unexpected surprise…a day 6 blog on dialogue….and with opportunities to go on conversing about it and exploring, Im in 🙂 i have found your blogs intriguing, inspiring, reassuring and also challenging. This final blog brings all of these things again and I love it……one of the things I like about dialogue is the ever expandingness (is that a word?) of it…..and its the same with my learning….now it is going to have to expand to ‘Linkedin’ …..

  2. An excellent series which breaks down the different areas which contribute to good dialogue. You have explained it in such a simple, and yet detailed way, to bring full understanding. It is one of my goals this year, to improve on dialogue, and this serious could not have come at a better time. Thank you for your sharing your knowledge in this area.

    • Hi Stella – there is way more where this comes from if I’m not careful! Happy to share. Want to. I have a deep sense that this stuff is important – but want to bring it in a light way, if I can. I’d love to see you on the Linkedin Group – interested in that HR perspective of how this can practically fit in organisations. Thanks for the comment – good to hear you.

  3. I think you’re right. A blog isn’t really a good place for proper dialogue but it is a good place for proper debate that I think you could very well have started. I enjoyed reading the series- which I see as a narrowcast more than a broadcast, if you see what I mean- but can’t really put my finger on why- most of the posts had me going “yes, but…”. Notwithstanding, I was struck by the post about bringing your whole body to work. I can’t be the only one who, even as a grown adult, still gets that Sunday Night Day before school anxiety. Can I? Can I??

    • Hey Mat –

      Thanks for commenting. As I tweeted last night, I’m taken with the notion of a narrowcast & yes, I rather think this series might be…. food for thought.

      I’m interested in your “Yes…but” response and what it is that both draws you in & wants to argue to the blogs…if you’re up for it, it would be great to hear more about where your agreements or doubts lie ( and, of course I’m trying to start discussion & debate here. I’m very very clear about that).

      The point being I believe I’m not right, nor am I wrong – I’m bringing a position and a view via a blog.

      to use a musical metaphor, for my position to have have better pitch, tone or resonance , I believe it kind of needs support and/or challenge from others to be amplified or re-tuned- otherwise it’s just a quiet note played in a cacophony & gets lost.

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