Happy New Year


The holidays are over. Well? How was it for you?

Have you entered 2013 filled with purpose, focus and pizzazz? Did the mince pies & movies out-manoeuvre you? Have you made resolutions? Modifications? Any of that?

Things have been quietly moving at FBHQ and there’s a little buzz around some of the emerging work, which feels enticing.

On a personal note, as it seems I have barely moved from behind my books and desk for 6 months, I’ve decided to take back my fitness and  have signed up to undertake two 70 plus mile bike rides (one in April and another in June) and it seems I’m getting pressured into a second triathlon at the start of August.  I have some work to do to shrug off my winter torpor, but I’m certainly up for it. 2013 will also be the Year of the MSc Dissertation, something I have mixed feeling about -anticipation, apprehension… those sorts of things. I’m already looking forward to What’s Next when the course is finished. Watch this space, I guess….

The immediate What Next is clear. In the coming weeks, things on the blog are going to get skewed towards dialogue, as David Goddin (find him on @changecontinuum ) & I gear up to deliver the first sessions on Exploring Dialogue in February. Next week, there will be a series of blog posts which aim to map and consider different aspects of dialogue – I’m hoping it generates some interest and insights into the subject; I definitely want some comments and thoughts generated. There will be a guest blog or two and of course, we are  looking for sign-ups for the February & March dialogue sessions and beyond.

And this is the first post of 2013, so it feels right and important to wish everyone well for the coming year.

Happy New Year all.

I hope it brings you brilliance, luck and love.

16 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. I look forward to your blog posts on dialogue – in a world where we cant just message but we have to converse, dialogue is important to me. I cant say that I do dialogue wrong – that would be too hard on myself – but there are different styles and I don’t always get that style right. So Im here and ready to consume any insights that help structure some self-awareness.

    I have only recently finished my own Masters dissertation. It was quite a journey – huge opportunity to dedicate time reading literature you normally can’t investigate (for me on collaboration and innovation – did you know its all about values and trust?) and a chance to interview some quite exceptional people.

    Doing a huge piece if work in isolation is often hard. Some days you will despair – please blog the dark days – we all go through them. I wasn’t brave enough to blog my tough times – but we will all support you when you cant see the wood for the trees.

    We’re only human – it will happen


    I think you year ahead sound magical – enjoy it!

    Sasanach James

  2. Hello Sassanach!

    I love these comments.

    There is no wrong way to talk/ be in dialogue – there;s just stuff that works better than other stuff if we are trying to be heard well or to connect well, I’d offer.

    I hear you on the isolation front – I fully anticipate twitter-ing, Linkedin-ing & drinking vats of coffee with sympathetic people in my local ( and national) network and doubtless using words like Reductionist, Paradigm and Ontology for a short space of time until I get over myself…..

    One of the great joys of 2012 has been interacting, chatting and ‘meeting” folk like you – greatly appreciated when stuck in airports or stuck on ideas…. so if these thing continue in 2013, I am lucky indeed.

    Innovation is about values and trust? I think we need a longer conversation, sometime.

    Happy New Year to you & Yours, Mr Ramsay!

    • Reductionist, Paradigm and Ontology – great words!

      I like ‘Social-constructionist’ too – its the Lancaster thinking by Easterby-Smith – but it works for my world view 🙂

      And no doubt you will get digging into the very good big blue book by Saunders et al that is ‘accessible’ – hopeful the design phase doesnt loose you for more than a couple of weeks. There were bits for me that were hell – its so ambiguous.

      At Henley when they are prepping you for all this they frame the ambiguity with an Alice In Wonderland except:

      “Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to walk from here?”

      “That depends a good deal on where you want to get to,” said the Cat.

      “I don‟t much care where,” said Alice.

      “Then it doesn‟t matter which way you walk,” said the Cat.

      And they also reflect up the dialogue between Pi and Mr Okamoto (from Life of Pi)! Argh!

      All very philosophical and mind bending

      I did read a very good article last night though, amongst other things it said:

      “The more you learn, the more you are able to learn.”

      What an empowering notion – what better investment could there be (except cycling of course)

      Enjoy your journey


      • I’ll take your Easterby-Smith Social Constructionism and raise you a Ken Gergen & work from the Tao Institute! I’m loving this thinking – should teach THIS stuff at school – can you IMAGINE the innovative thinkers we’d have… woah.

        Just off the back of work on Gaia Theory and Gregory Bateson’s Ecology of Mind thinking – they are trying to get us to see Organsations as living, breathing systems – and how those systems impact out into the world… amazing….

        Mind bending is good… very very good… as long as you have other folk to chat to about it, or you just go a bit woooooooooooooooo……………

  3. Living breathing systems – I agree – interdependent and interconnected to all around.

    The organisations boundary is a metaphysical construct – to separate the firm from its people and its community. Metaphysical as its only in beliefs and in reality there is a whole and its becoming social connected because of conversation and dialogue that dont understand outdated notions of boundaries.

    Everything can be nourished – one nudge at a time – we grow from each other

    No diminishing returns – only possibility

    Apologies for the rantings of the ENFP mind – I only do ‘possibilities – I leave it to others to be gloomy


  4. Wow… love this…..you don’t take ghost writing bribes do you? I’m definitely going to hunt you down for a future guest blog post, too….

  5. I don’t do ghost writing bribes – but I will breakdance for money.

    Just name the tune – then I move 🙂

    Would be flattered to do a guest blog – its always fun to craft some words and then connect

    It always good to be part of ‘a good thing’

  6. Feel like I am interuppting here :)…but just wanted to say that I am looking forward to your dialogue blogs too. Having been exploring this for the last couple of years I am interested in your ‘take of things’ Feeling connected with you both..James the Alice in Wonderland quote is one of my favourite and a bit of a mantra for me and the book I am reading just now just happens to be the Life of Pi 🙂 and Julie you know that I am right there with you as far as regaining the fitness – this is number one priority for me this year.
    I have set a variety of intentions for the coming year..one of them is to start blogging -dont think they will be quite up to dissertation standard but we all have to start somewhere …and as long as I am heading in the direction I want to go in I guess that’s the main thing.

  7. Brilliant – glad you’ve made it on. I want your take on Dialogue very very much as you have been through similar experiences to me… another advocate in the world! Welcome to the FB blog formally… and I’m looking forward to your blogs – I know they will be heart-felt and compelling…

      • Certainly does – have already taken a step forward and sent the ‘guest blog’ that has been sitting in my draft folder to Paul at Kinharvie (had to email him it cos didnt know how to post it on the website!) – he’s going to let me know when it goes live so Ill pass on the link and you can check it out Hee Hee

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