Are you In… or Out?

Much chat on Twitter resonating from the recently posted People Management’s top 20 power tweeters  & responses including David Goddin’s Troublist blog, which has got me thinking….

Hmm… curious one this…There’s a whole in/ out thing that happens with people-on-lists and Top Tweeters etc. Perception can be that being the In-crowd (included, involved, in vogue) is a good thing vs Out Crowd (outside, outcast, out-of-date) as not-so good.

Me? I celebrate the out, on the whole. You can be outspoken, outstanding, outrageous, outright & cause an outcry.

And yet I know it is more complex. I (and therefore fuchsiablue) have an odd relationship with the in & the out.

As a Practitioner, I seek to be edgy, curious, to stand slightly apart from clients and organisations. My role is, in part, to see things differently, offer new perspectives, agitate, provoke and question…. that’s part of why my clients work with me. When I’m there – walking the edge –  I may not be liked, understood, accepted. I’m Out. I’m good with that. I kind of love it sometimes.

But then as a Person, I seek to be part of community, to belong, to be seen & heard well. I want to support, to encourage, to acknowledge the existing, to honour “what is” without constantly fighting the established. I want to build and nurture, not break and beat up. I’ll be honest, I like the notion of being “in” a crowd of folk I respect and enjoy. I’m a social animal, even with my anti-social tendencies.

I am both Person and Practioner. I seek to be both in and out. I’m contrary and co-operative…I understand there are consequences for both.

I’m interested now….how is it for you?

9 thoughts on “Are you In… or Out?

  1. That’s such a tough line isn’t it? Being far enough out to offer new perspectives and shake things up a little, but not so far out that you’re immediately dismissed or ignored or cause all the defences to go up. Society celebrates the outcasts that move things forward yet attacks them while they are doing it. The edge of in/out is a great place to be, a tough spot to balance, and both lonely and beloved.

    Great post and cheers to David Goddin for introducing me to it.

  2. Hello & Welcome.
    You have described the space I feel I hang out sometimes perfectly.
    So here’s to the edgewalkers, rebels, outcasts, provocateurs, radicals and creatives – be cool & impactful wherever you are….

  3. Your description here is brilliant Julie.

    I’m a lot like you – love being out there and a bit edgy (#PunkHR; even my spiky hair and continued wear of my earring are a part of that) yet I love to belong to something (being a Mod; part of HR)

    When I was learning my MBTI Step 2, one of the things that came through was my individuality and originality but I’m also that I am fiercely traditional. So I said “Well I guess I will have to continue to originalise my traditionality”

    And I suppose you’re describing something here about yourself that I would term “a defined sense of identity within a need for collectivism”. Not sure if that resonates with you but I really like the way you’ve described things here.

    This whole “hokey-cokey twitter hot list” is really interesting isn’t it? I would NEVER have thought I’d be there as people like FlipChart Rick; Michael Carty, Kevin Ball; – they pick up some amazing stuff and tweet it. I often let thoughts out of my head and find good stuff to share. Anyway I loved being in it – I take what CIPD and People Management do really seriously as they are – after all – my trade body. I would take just as much; if not more pride and joy out of being included in a few #FFs from people and some nice tweets from people.

    Like you though I like that it’s kicked off a lot of discussion and if anything, that’s going to see more people get what Twitter is all about – short bursts of information exchanged and people’s thoughts become informed, challenged and stimulated.

    Great blog this – really well put.


    • Hi Perry.
      My edgy outer-layer tends to show up in Tartan Coats, big scarves & hoop earrings… not Punk or Mod, sadly..but I’m loving your style..

      I’ll be throwing some #FF’s and comments your way via Twitter & Linkedin, for sure.

      Good to “meet” you & thank you for commenting here – I enjoy hearing from people, very very much.

  4. Hi Julie

    Good question and I like your perspective.

    In or Out?

    Difficult question to answer with yes I am In, no I am Out On the surface I would probably say OUT, starting at a young age of 6 when I made the decision not to go to my local village school but to a school in town ( town was 1.5 hours away – a 20 minute walk, 40 minute bus ride and 20 minute boat journey!)

    But then I hate to be compartmentalise and put into a box or labelled

    I like to do my own thing, follow my gut, principles and that internal compass that drives me. I am a great believer in being agile – equally comfortable, competent and confident being anywhere along the spectrum. It’s a choice that I own where ever I am on that spectrum.

    For me much of it is about how you weave influence and if I’m hanging out all the time with the In crowd who get it and think like me, then that’s not about spreading my ideas and influence.
    Hanging out with like minded people is great, hanging out with people who don’t think like me, or have a clue what I am on about, is even better!

    • Hi Vera..

      Curious now about a boat trip to get to school and where you were living at the time? Sounds like an epic journey for education.. something that is still with you , I wonder?

      Re boxes & compartments – I’m SO with you.. partly because I can change like the wind and partly because I’ve yet to find a box big enough to fit anyone. I love your word agile and all it evokes – movement and dexterity.

      I like hanging out with both. Like minded people mean I can relax, speak fast, think fast, talk in my own language.. easy & comfortable – a relief, at times…

      Folk who think and speak differently? It’s like making a culture shift. In these situations, I work to translate,to understand and be understood and I know I need to slow down ( for understanding on both sides)…. much much harder work, even if it is rewarding…..

    • Hey Peter

      Yup. Personally challenging sometimes & I’m learning I need a link, a grounding, some place of belonging to go back to, when I’ve been out walking edges. Rebel, outsider is, by it’s nature, a lonely place to be. You could go a little loopy if there wasn’t a place where someone “got” you, I guess….

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