Look. Up.

On the walk from hotel to London Bridge this morning I was working my way against the flow of commuters.

I suspect I walked past more folk in 20 minutes than live in a 20 mile radius of our house into Scottish Borders… And to begin with, I was a little overwhelmed, a little sleepy, a little head-down-get-through the crowd. It felt like an onslaught.

Then I remembered something the venerable Prof Paul Brown suggested at the recent neuropsychology event in Edinburgh (shout out to the Team at Acorn Principle Plus who organised). I looked up and began to smile (gently, rather than manically, with any luck) I tried to get the smile to reach my eyes & get the oxytocin flowing.

In less than a minute, a few folk were smiling back and I was walking a little taller, feeling a little warmer.

And I realised I was starting to look up. And in front of me all along had been The Shard. Love it or hate it, you kind of can’t ignore it… Unless you’re looking down & concentrating on the onslaught, I guess.

You get the gist. We know this. Sometimes? You just have to stop fighting, look up & smile… It brings gifts.

ps: cool warning ought to be put on listening to Bee Gees Stayin’ Alive when on urban walks. High chances of it all going a bit Travolta. Not good. I caught it in time… Sort of.

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