Meditation on Writing

Writing, to me, is simply thinking through my fingers.Isaac Asimov

I’m finding something joyeous in writing. The physical act of sitting at peace, pen in hand, scrawling away. For me, there is something wonderfully meditative about taking time to write – no predictive text, no tappy keys. Just my mind, connecting with my body, connecting to a pen, moving on paper to fill up blank pages.

No-dimensional thoughts suddenly have a physical place to hang out…. How cool is that?

My mind clatters along. Ticker-taping thoughts on at least 5 things at once. When I write, the busyness has to slow – I can only write at the pace I can write…

In February, I began an MSc in Organisational Change (expect more blogs on this anon). Part of the learning process is to keep a reflective journal. For 2 months straight I was quietly looking out for “my” journal – the book that was going to hold my weird thoughts and buzzy insights. This felt important. I looked at posh, expensive, leather bound sumptuous journals (too proper for my crazy?) I looked at A4 practical pads (too much handbag space & too much like a work pad).  Eventually, I settled on a small owl-covered A5 hardback book with a strap to keep the pages closed. It’s colourful, covered in bug-eyed stylised owls and has a playful / magic edge to it, which obviously appeals to me!

I love this book, now. I am thankful for the times I have been able to seek out peace, to slow my bubbling, whirring mind and lay things out across its pages. Sometimes I write in different colours (staedtler  triplus fineliners) sometimes it’s my trusty black uniball.

I used to try to be neat – precise – but who am I kidding? My mind is messy &  unstructured – I figure if I’m going to let my eyes see what my thoughts look like,  it’s got to be a fair representation. So now the pages are packed with colour, doodles, diagrams and musings. Short, sharp noticings sit alongside long, reflective ponderings. It is my journal. Part of me now and part of my quest to keep speaking out with authenticity – if I’m kidding myself in my journal – my own space- what does that say?

My playful magical owl book is nearly full already. I’ve already purchased my next Journal. It is bigger and the cover is uncompromising. It says : “this is your world. shape it or someone else will” – I’ve discovered shaping my world through words works very very well for me… I find I wonder how this would work for others?

So here’s a kind of an invitation – how would it be for you to take a pen & paper and start to write? To say what you think, in handwriting that is uniquely yours?  How would it be for you to start your very own meditation in writing?

2 thoughts on “Meditation on Writing

  1. Nothing more important in life than experiencing joy, and this is transmitted in a lovely, meaningful way to your readers through your blog.

    Such a contrast in your choice of journals! Variety is good, but the Owls have it for me every time. More character, more fun!

    I’m interested to ask if you find yourself learning more about yourself through the process, taking meaning from your collective thoughts and self reflections?

    • Between you & me? I love the Owls too…will miss them & their wisdom.

      Yes. Learning more about my self, my process through capturing thoughts-on-paper. I notice patterns of thoughts, behaviours, assumptions…

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